Dark of the Moon- Level Ground Arts

So, this last weekend my friend took me to see Dark of the Moon at the Hub theater in Deep Ellum. Deep Ellum=scary, but it was worth the trip to the ghetto to see this show. It isn’t a perfect show, but most of my gripes were with the costuming and sets. It’s obvious that the theater company- Level Ground Arts- are working with a very tiny budget.  The acting and direction were spot on, though. Dark and creepy and strange- as any good show with witches and magic should be. It’s a Romeo and Juliet style love story- except I actually cared about them and wanted them to end up together. (Romeo and Juliet always just seemed really whiney to me. Everyone feels like that when they are fifteen and in love for the first time-then next week you break up and move on to someone else)  Definitely worth checking out if you get the chance. They have two more weekends left, I believe. www.levelgroundarts.com has all the information on tickets and things. I’ll be back for their next production: Poseidon-An Upside Down Musical, based on The Poseidon Adventure. Can’t wait to see how they pull that one off.


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