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Apartment Hunting

Bleck. I HATE looking for apartments. I have never lived anywhere that I had to find by myself. In school I lived in the dorms and then in an old house that had been made into apartments that I found because an old friend of the family knew the landlord. Then I went on tour for a year and when I moved to the metroplex I lived in a house belonging to my cousin in exchange for doing the work that was needed. Now the place is about to go on the market and I need to find an affordable, safe place to live close to my work and I am actually going to have to find the place myself. Icky, icky, icky. I don’t really know the area well enough to make the best decisions and did I mention that I HATE looking for apartments, didn’t I? I need the perfect place to just magically appear……..NOW. Crap, didn’t work.