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“When You’re Strange”-people make documentaries about you.

I went with a group of friends to see “When You’re Strange” narrated by Johnny Depp at the Angelika. It’s a documentary about The Doors (obviously). And who doesn’t want to watch Jim Morrison slide slowly downhill while wearing leather pants?

I actually really enjoyed the movie. Lots of archival footage and, of course, the awesome music of The Doors.  I’m not that well versed in the Doors, myself, but I like enough of their music to enjoy listening to it for an hour and a half. As a musician I also really liked getting to see into their process a little bit.

The only part I didn’t understand was the footage of the Jim Morrison look-alike driving down the highway listening to news of Jim Morrison’s death. Is he supposed to be Jim Morrison? What happened to the guy who picked him up when he was hitchhiking whose car he is now driving? Did he kill him? Is he supposed to be Manson? Is he supposed to be Morrison? Are they saying that Morrison didn’t really die? All a little confusing to me. I eventually just tried to focus on the archival footage and ignore these inserts.

All in all if you want to know more about the Doors or are already a Doors fan-check it out.